YOTUEL All In ONE Wintergreen exclusive toothpaste 75 ml

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Advantages of YOTUEL All In ONE toothpaste

  • low level of abrasiveness – delicate for enamel
  • contains xylitol that kills bacteria
  • contains potassium fluoride that reduces irritation
  • whitens teeth visibly
  • with a delicate taste and small of snow mint

Whitening toothpaste for everyday dental hygiene

YOTUEL All In ONE toothpaste whitens your teeth in a different way that other bleaching toothpastes available on the market. The toothpaste contains ingredients and enzymes that whiten your teeth chemically. It means that they don’t only remove plaque and stains but also bleach the internal structure of your teeth.

Low level of abrasiveness

Popular whitening toothpastes can be usually characterized by the high level of abrasiveness, which is harmful to enamel in long turn and may lead to hypersensitivity and irritation. YOTUEL toothpaste is very delicate for enamel and its level of abrasiveness is really low. That is why you can use it even for many years to whiten the whole structure of your teeth.

It is possible because apart from removing plaque YOTUEL All In ONE toothpaste bleaches your teeth in a chemical way. What is worth highlighting is that this toothpaste contains only high level ingredients and is free from detergents such as SLS.

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