SEYSSO Oxygen Travel wireless water flosser

Brand: Seysso
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Wireless teeth water flosser SEYSSO

  • high precision – focused water stream with 0,6 mm tip
  • strong device – water pressure from 2,7 up to 6,2 bars
  • ergonomic shape – handy and precise
  • long battery life – up to 14 days of use
  • 3 cleaning modes - Normal, Soft and Pulse
  • 2 years of guarantee

Wireless water flosser by SEYSSO

SEYSSO Oxygen Travel irrigator is a proven solution for anyone who prefers using wireless devices. It is perfect for all travelers and people who take care of dental hygiene in different places. Traditional irrigators are rather big and it is difficult to use them outside your bathroom. Moreover, they need a lot of place to be stored in and look unaesthetic.

SEYSSO Oxygen Travel is a one of its kind innovative product suited to the needs of the modern society. The device is wireless and features an inductive charging mode. Although it is small, it is very powerful and cleans teeth with high water pressure. Ir reaches hard-to-reach places near the gumline and combats yellow stains.

If you want your teeth to be healthy and look good, you need to find a device that can provide you with the highest level of dental hygiene every day. Chose the SEYSSO water flosser any forget about unpleasant and embarrassing dental experiences.

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