Tongue scraper 2 pack

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Tongue scrapers

  • Additional protection against bacteria
  • Supports everyday brushing, flossing and rinsing
  • Eliminates bad breath in a vary efficient way
  • No more gray or yellow tongue coating
  • Leaves your tongue smooth
  • Equipped with rubber handle

Two pack of tongue scrapers

Tongue scrapers sold in a convenient two pack are a last month's best selling product. Manual toothbrushes eliminate little bacteria located amid lingual papilla. Using a tongue cleaner is a fast way to get a fresh breath by cleaning the coating on the surface on the tongue. It removes halitosis after the first use!

You swallow different types of foods every day and, as a result, your tongue becomes a real breeding ground for bacteria. You can see them in the form of a coating on the tongue surface or you can smell then through bad breath. These types of problems have a very negative impact on the perception of you by others and discourage them from contacting you. The tongue scrapers help you get rid of this problem quickly and at a low cost!

All you need to do is to use it at least twice a day for about 10 seconds. To boost the effect of manual tongue cleaning, you can soak them in mouthwash, which also destroys  bacteria. Your tongue will be smoother and your smile will look as good as never before!

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