Manual toothbrush Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin Britstles

Brand: Oral-B
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Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin Britstles

  • Ultra this bristles reach up to 3 times deeper between teeth the regular
  • The toothbrush is delicate and can be used even by people with sensitive teeth and gums
  • Rubber cleaning head designed to clean your tongue, palate and the inside of cheeks cares for fresh breath and remove bacteria
  • Recommended by dentist while whitening your teeth
  • remember to replace your toothbrush each 3 months – is it time to replace yours?

Toothbrush with ultra thin bristles

Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin Britstles combines the advanced Oral-B bristles with special Ultra Thin Britstles. This type of combination helps you clean teeth 3 times more precisely that regular toothbrushes.

Feel the difference and enjoy perfectly smooth teeth after brushing with Oral-B Complete Ultra Thin Britstles! The bristles used in the toothbrush are very delicate and do not irritate your teeth and gums. They may be used during whitening treatments.

If you wonder how often should you change your toothbrush, you should know that all dentists agree. You should do it at least once every 3 months, to avoid contact with bacteria. If the bristles are damaged, change your toothbrush earlier. A toothbrush should be changed before teeth whitening treatment.

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