LED lamp – Whiten your teeth with a LED lamp

Brand: Crest 3D Whitestrips P&G
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LED whitening lamp accelerates and enhances the results of teeth whitening with whitening strips. Owing to the lamp, you can achieve a faster and more persistent results of teeth whitening. Just turn it on for some time while whitening your teeth so the blue led light can enhance the efficient ingredient’s activity.

Do you want to whiten your teeth before a big event or a date? The LED lamp is a booster that will give you the desired results. Get the brilliant smile at a reasonable price. Enhance the activity of the effective ingredient by using LED light and dazzle with your brilliantly white smile!

Teeth whitening with a LED lamp

Teeth whitening with a LED lamp is popular among dentist who use to perform this type of professional teeth whitening in numerous dental clinics. Although the lamps that dentist have are bigger that the one offered by us, they whiten your teeth in the same way. Many of them were manufactured years ago and use outdated technologies. Our lamp is activated by two batteries and is lightweight and handy. It generates fully safe LED light.

LED lamp will be very useful if your whiten your teeth since it boosts the whitening results. If you have chosen to whiten your teeth with Crest whitening strips, the lamp can help you achieve better results. It is strongly recommended for new generation whitening strips such as Diamond Smile Luxe Professional Effects series to get the desired effects even 2x faster!

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