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Diamond Smile Luxe Professional Effects whitening strips are the most advanced product for at-home teeth whitening available on the market. These minty fresh whitening strips are more effective than the previous generation whitening strips.

Why to choose Diamond Smile whitening strips?

  • The most effective way of teeth whitening – results visible after the first day of the treatment
  • Stronger than previous generation whitening strips
  • Highly flexible – whiten you with without irritation and discomfort
  • Quick results – full treatment lasts 14 days
  • Long-lasting effect – dazzle with a whiter smile for a long time
  • Remove 14 years of stains – they deal with cigarettes, wine, soda and coffee stains
  • Sold in original packaging - be sure it is not fake!
Diamond Smile Whitestrips

Are Diamond Smile whitening strips a right choice for me?

Whitening strips will help you whiten your teeth and remove stains on your enamel. There are many products for teeth whitening available on the market. For fear of having too white teeth, people who decide to undergo a whitening treatment usually choose whitening strips with smaller amount of active ingredient. It turns out that after the treatment they are not fully satisfied with the results. Only new generation whitening strips will guarantee a red carpet smile.

Diamond Smile Luxe Professional Effects are new generation whitening strips that whiten your teeth in one day by removing surface stains. They are very strong and their innovatory formula guarantees you safety during the treatment.

If you want to visibly whiten you teeth and add that dazzle to your smile, choose Diamond Smile Luxe Professional Effects whitening strips.

Expiry date: 2022.06

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