Crest Monthly Whitening Boost

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Used to keep your smile perfectly white

  • keep your smile white between whitening treatments
  • boost the effect of snow-white teeth
  • Advanced Seal™ with no slipping and no sliding developed by Crest
  • as easy to use as other Crest whitestrips
  • How to keep your teeth white?

    Keeping your teeth perfectly white after a whitening procedure is not an easy task. Every day, different kinds of colourants contained in liquids and food interact with your enamel. Your teeth gradually lose snow-white colour.

    Crest Monthly Whitening Boost set was developed to prolong the effect of snow-white teeth between whitening treatments. These strips extend the whitening effect for a long time.

    After teeth whitening treatment your teeth are perfectly white. After some time, your teeth may lose its white colour. Dentists do not recommend whitening your teeth frequently. Such a procedure should be carried out once in a while. To prolong the whitening effect on your teeth, use our set of nbsp;Crest Monthly Whitening Boost, that will help you boost your smile at home. Within only one hour, your teeth will be brilliantly white again!

    Try out ourCrest Monthly Whitening Boost set and extend the effect of whitened teeth even for a couple of years!

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