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Crest Brilliance White – whitening strips

  • the latest Crest strips available on the market
  • full box containing 32 strips guarantees the best results
  • don’t irritate teeth and don’t provoke sensitivity
  • the use of the most advanced formula makes your teeth look several shades lighter – the strips are 25 times stronger that popular toothpastes
  • No-slip grip technology permits to wear strips while talking, smiling or drinking water
  • wear them for a maximum of 30 minutes a day

Whitening your teeth with Crest Brilliance White

If you have already tried all popular teeth whitening methods and none of them gave you the desired results, you need to try the series of whitening strips Crest Brilliance White. Their innovative advanced formula developed by Procter&Gamble specialists in the USA provides unprecedented results.

The results of teeth whitening with this products are even25 times more visible than while whitening your teeth with toothpaste only. If you choose the full multi pack, you can not only get the white smile but also control the outcome of whitening throughout the treatment. If the desired effect is achieved after a few whitening sessions, you can use the rest of the box to refresh the whiteness of your teeth after some time.

How to wear Crest Brilliance White?

If you want to whiten teeth with Crest Brilliance White, take one pouch of strips. Open it and take out a plastic pull the strips off the plastic film. Stick the shorter strip to you lower dental curve and stretch it so it wraps your teeth. Press for better contact. Follow the same steps to stick the second strip. Use mirror to check if strips have been properly placed on your teeth.

Brushing teeth right before and after each whitening session is not recommended. You should wear strips for a maximum of 30 minutes a day. Prolonged use of the product may result in teeth hypersensitivity and irritation. To boost the shade of your teeth, you may combine the treatment with the use of blue light lamp. Turn it on for a couple of minutes at the end of each whitening session to get quicker results. Some people may experience temporary teeth hypersensitivity or may develop white stains of the surface of teeth. It is a temporary condition that can be experienced for a couple of days.

Whitening strips should not be used by pregnant women and children under the age of 18.

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