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Crest Brilliance Gentle whitening strips

  • for teeth sensitive to whitening
  • remove 15 years of surface stains
  • make your teeth perfectly white
  • easy to apply
  • used for only 30 minutes a day
  • instant results
  • delicate to enamel

This is a 7-day treatment

We introduce 14* original whitening strips by Crest. The strips are packed in 7 sachets – each of them contains 2 strips – one long for upper teeth and one short for lower teeth.

*- only full 16-day treatment (32 strips) is sold in an original box.

Whitening strips for people with sensitive teeth

Many people, even those who get teeth checked by a dentist regularly, experience teeth sensitivity. Such people may feel strong discomfort while whitening teeth. Even one application of whitening product can cause irritation and pain. That is why the majority of them give up teeth whitening but now they don’t have to do it anymore!

The latest Crest Brilliance Gentle 3D Whitestrips have been created for people suffering from teeth hypersensitivity. The effectiveness of Crest products proved by thousands of people all over the world has been combined with delicate ingredientds and fight teeth sensitivity. This is how Crest Brillance Gentle has been created. Use the whitestrips and enjoy a dazzling smile without pain.

How to use Crest Brilliance Gentle whitening strips?

Crest Brilliance Gentle are very easy to use. If you want to whiten you teeth, simply follow three steps. One: open the sachet of strips and take out a plastic tray with whitening strips. Two: stick the first strip to the frontal part of your teeth so the part with the whitening gel adhere to your teeth. Three: fold the remainder of the strip behind your teeth and press the strip for better contact. We recommend you to use mirror while applying the product.

When whitening your teeth, follow the instructions carefully. It is not recommended to brush teeth with toothpaste before and immediately after whitening. The strips should be used for a maximum of 30 minutes a day. Prolonged use of the product may result in teeth irritation and hypersensitivity. For better results use Crest lamp with blue light. Turn it on for the last few minutes before the end of each whitening session. White stains that disappear quickly may be visible after the treatment. You may also experience teeth hypersensitivity that will stop after the treatment has been finished.
The strips sould not be used by pregnant women and children under the age of 18.

Expiry date: 2021.12

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