Water flosser Braun Oral-b Professional Care Oxyjet MD20

Brand: Oral-B
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Water flosser with active oxygen bubbles

  • Uses micro-bubbles created by the mixture of water and oxygen to clean hard-to-reach areas better than other water flossers
  • 5 levels of water flow – up to 3,8 bars
  • Whitehead and cleaner teeth after one use
  • Up to 100% more of the removed dental plaque
  • 4 replacement heads, 2 cleaning modes
  • 2 years of guarantee

Oral-B water flosser with micro-bubbles

Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 is a water flosser that features oxygen cleaning function. It uses micro-bubbles of oxygen that together with water clean inter-dental spaces and teeth. Owing to this function, you can clean your teeth thoroughly with a lower level of water flow. It means that you can use it even if your have very sensitive teeth and gums. 

This Oral-B water flosser can help you get visibly whiter teeth. You probably know this feeling when your teeth are pleasantly smooth and clean after a visit in a dental clinic. You may experience such sensation after procedures such as scaling, plaque removal or sandblasting. However, you do not need to rely only on a dentist and undergo expensive treatments. A water flosser can help you remove the plaque that can’t be reached by a toothbrush and dental floss.

Water flosser featuring gums massage function

You should remember that apart from healthy teeth you should also care for your gums. Since it is hard to brush them with a standard toothbrush, you may choose other appliance that will be able to clean them without irritation and bleeding. Braun Oral-B OxyJest MD 20 water flosser features gums massage function that not only cleans but also has a positive impact on blood flow, making your gums stronger. 

The gum line in an area whetre bacteria are accumulated. They may cause bad breath and that is why it is important to combat them. A water flosser can clean these areas so you can talk all day without concern about the quality of your breath. Owing to replacement handles, it can be used by all members of your family.

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