Nano WhiteWash Anti-Stain NF-01 whitening dental floss

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Nano WhiteWash Anti-Stain NF-01

  • Unique composition containing the Whitening Complex that remineralizes enamel and whitens your teeth
  • Naturally occurring xylitol kills bacteria between your teeth
  • Easily glides between the teeth without ripping
  • Does not contain SLS, alcohol, parabens, triclosan and PEG Whitening dental floss

Nano WhiteWash Anti-Stain NF-01 whitening dental floss is highly recommended during and after teeth whitening. Before whitening treatment, you should clean your teeth properly by removing all food particles between them. If you whiten teeth that were not cleaned properly, the results of whitening may be weaker.

Nano WhiteWash Anti-Stain NF-01 protects spaces between your teeth by removing food particles, plaque and bacteria. This dental floss contains xylitol and other ingredients that naturally clean your teeth and whiten hard-to-reach areas.

Brushing and using a mouthwash do not always give you fully clean teeth. If you use our Nano WhiteWash Anti-Stain NF-01 whitening dental floss, you may be sure that your teeth are 100% clean.

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