Crest 3D White Light kit


Crest whitestrips

Crest whitestrips are one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to get a brilliant smile. They are very easy to apply. Each treatment is composed of two whitening strips which are small pieces of flexible plastic that are put directly on your teeth. Each strip contains whitening gel that will make your teeth white. To apply Crest whitestrips, you need to mould them around your teeth. The results of whitening are visible after three days of treatment. The active ingredient used in Crest whitestrips is completely safe and gives you the best possible results. If you are looking for a quick booster to your smile, do not hesitate and choose Crest whitestrips.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste should be one of the most important elements of your everyday dental habits. A good oral hygiene for people who want to have a perfect smile should involve getting the best quality whitening teeth oral care products. To get the best results, remember to use the whitening toothpaste at least twice a day and brush your teeth properly. Crest whitening toothpaste will help you extend the effect of whitening with Crest whitestrips. It will help you rebuild weakened enamel, combat cavities as well as get a fresh breath. Crest whitening toothpaste is also recommended to all people who want to get rid of stains and diminish teeth yellowness.

Whitening mouthwash

Whitening mouthwash is yet another key element of your everyday oral hygiene. Despite the fact that there are many types of mouthwashes available on the market, only the limited number of them is intended for people who whiten their teeth. Crest mouthwash provides your teeth with multi-protection. It instantly freshens your breath, neutralizes plaque bacteria, combats gingivitis and helps to reduce early symptoms of gum disease. It leaves your mouth fresh for a long time after you complete your oral daily care routine. Check out different types of Crest whitening mouthwashes and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Toothbrush and whitening dental floss

Toothbrush is an oral hygiene instrument that should be chosen carefully. To find a toothbrush that best suits your needs, you should take into consideration a couple of factors such as the toothbrush’s head shape and types of bristles. If you want to be sure that your teeth are brushed properly, you can choose an electric toothbrush that removes plaque in a more efficient way. Whitening dental floss is a revolution for your everyday oral hygiene. Although, many people do not use dental floss every day, it is one of the key elements of our dental care. Crest whitening dental floss is used to remove food located between your teeth and whiten these hard to reach areas. It also helps to eliminate dental plaque in areas that are unreachable for a toothbrush.


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